Business data analysis learned with Perl

This is an introductory course that uses Perl to analyze business data. Start with the simple calculations and statistics that are often needed in your business. We will also explain how to create a graph to visualize data and aggregate by SQL using MariaDB.

This is the basic content to become a data scientist who can analyze business data.

It can also be used as an introduction to analyzing data acquired by IoT Web system using software. There is a lot of misunderstanding that "AI analysis" is common in economic papers, and I don't make ambiguous expressions. Hahaha.

For first-time users

Basics of statistics

Data analysis using SQL

Amount calculation

Data visualization

Image data output

Data analysis related course

This is a related course on data analysis.

Data analysis environment construction

There is an Ubuntu development environment construction site for building a data analysis environment. There is also a site where you can learn Linux.

Introduction to Perl Programming

An introductory site for Perl programming to help you program data analysis.


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